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The male equivalent of bitch. A combination of bro and bitch. Can be either derogatory or a term of endearment depending on context.
1) What the fuck's up now BROTCH?

2) Hey brotch toss me a beer.
by durtysoufcraka January 17, 2010
The area between your Butt and your cROTCH.
I have a rash on my brotch that won't got away. Should I see a doctor or just sprinkle baby powder on it?
by Superscope March 01, 2008
the small area below the belly button but above the pubic thatch that is neither belly nor crotch but could be considered either or both.
Chrissy :"hey Becky.... does this tattoo of cherries on my brotch make me look like a whore?"

Becky: "yes"
by Jackie Rabbit January 07, 2011
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