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3 definitions by durtysoufcraka

1) When you use a chick-fil-a sandwich to masturbate.

2) When someone performs filatio while eating a chick-fil-a or having just eaten it so that their breath is fresh with chicken and peanut oil.
1) Man it's bad news when I get hungry and horny because I'm liable to forget which hand's doing what and I'll end up giving myself the old chick-fil-atio.

2) Big girls give the best head, but sometimes you need to entice them with a free sandwich...Chick-fil-atio!
by durtysoufcraka October 29, 2009
50 13
The male equivalent of bitch. A combination of bro and bitch. Can be either derogatory or a term of endearment depending on context.
1) What the fuck's up now BROTCH?

2) Hey brotch toss me a beer.
by durtysoufcraka January 17, 2010
11 3
When someone has the balls to say things over the phone they would never say face to face. A combination of cajones and phone.
Man my mother is a 5 foot tall 2nd grade teacher, but she's got some caphones! She told my boss she would destroy his manhood if anything ever happened to me.
by durtysoufcraka January 17, 2010
5 3