Another term for bro, but by a more select few.
Largely used in the late 70's-mid 80's and is bein brought back in punk culture. Brospehine is the female equivalent.
Fred: Hey Broseph
Jim: Hey Bro, sup?
by your mom in December 05, 2006
Middle upperclass white male usually in their mid 20’s to late 30’s. Raised in the suburbs and got their MBA paid for by their mom & dad. They attempt to hang out in major metropolitan areas at trendy little bars spending their time with coked out cougars.

They can be easily identified since they always travel in packs, will all have overly gelled hair and all wear vertically stripped shirts with the stench of excessive cologne basically looking like a pack of date rapist.
I hate going to the marina, it's full of Broseph's and Cougars
by Mr Wall August 31, 2006
An African-American hippie
"Dood, that Broseph over there is harshing my kind. Very un-heady. After the second set, I came back to the tent to find my woman chugging his huge black dong."
by CFT August 21, 2007
A derogatory term used for an extremely uncool person of the male sex. Often used in the scientific labeling of fraternity brothers, pot-heads, or concert goers of a whack musical genre
"That tool over there is being a fucking broseph."
by Da Police! April 21, 2005

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