1. A college educated, fraternity-oriented Caucasian male, usually ages 18-30, who spends his weekends wakeboarding/jetskiing and intentionally creating wakes from his speed boat to unset or flip crew shells, kayakers, and canooers; while doing so flashing the "hang-loose" hand gesture.

2. One who enjoys motorized watersports, drinking Pabst, wearing board-shorts/jams, playing obnoxiously loud gay music, and derives pleasure in being an asshole.

3. (especially) The person who posted the definition for wakeboarder.
Broseph #1: Dude! We just totally hardcore thrashed those crew bitches!

Broseph #2: Kick-ass!
by aka Dr. G October 29, 2006
A derogatory term for a bad person who thrashes Jack Blacks chopper by throwing a very filling burrito.
Jack Black: What The hell BRO!
Ron Burgundy: Ohh that was a nasty spill you had there.
Jack Black: You just thrashed my chopper BROSEPH! The only thing I ever loved. Im gonna stomp your goofy ass!
by Ben P January 24, 2005
your brother named joseph.
aka , the greatest brother on the planet <3
i have a brother who is my best friend
his name is joseph
i call him broseph.
by lacyyyy June 09, 2008

Well what isnt a bro?

Bro over the years has transformed itself into a negative term. The title bro that was put on cool skater dudes has been usurped by the visor wearing longboarders.
A male in his teen's who longboard's and likes to chill with other "bro's"

Hey dude wanna come chillax with the bro's?

AWWWW broseph!! come on! Ciaran broski!!

Andy, man i hate that bro!

by Hombre de Torro March 05, 2009
a term for a bad ass mofo, derived from the root word brother/bro and the common male name Joseph/Joe.

first use of the word is often accredited to myspace user 'broseph' (url www.myspace.com/ringojoe), as far back as the beginning of 2006.

more recently, the word has appeared in jim carrey's latest film, in which carrey also offers a definition of the word.
"woz 'appening broseph?"

"not much, cuz."
by slenderglender January 19, 2009
Not the coolest motherfucker you know, most likely a term used by a loser to describe themselves. Most likely to be used by insecure fuckers from someplace like Nebraska that they rape animals or something.
"Hey, what does that fag's license plate say?"
"Dude, it says 'Broseph', what a homo..."
by Broadwater Donkey puncher March 17, 2009
-Another way of referring to a brother or friend. Use in front of the ladies when you wanna do em in da butt
Shit broseph, I gotsta get my jimmy-ho sucked before I gets im-po-tent cuddy!
by MB&GD October 23, 2003
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