The highest level of broship between bromates. Brofficially the greatest achievement in brolife.
Ninja is the my absolute best broseph. She's bromine.
by Alix Jay May 14, 2012
A bro of high bro qualities, such as; Brohem, brosause, bropizza, bromicrowaveoven, brojeddia, or bro. This is the type of person a bro would want to just kinda give a big ole' hug. Bro, stop being a bro, and be a broseph.
Broseph 1:"DUUUUDE. Your my huckleberry."
Broseph 2: "Broseph, that is not ok. I am not homosexual."
by Your Mom12345678910. Really? April 23, 2012
a term douches call each other because the word “bro” is too “mainstream.”
Douchebag 1- "Sup, broseph?"
Douchebag 1- "Sup."
by Brendan????? October 13, 2011
A synonym for the word bro: a friend or acquaintance. bro can also be used as a prefix in words like brocuddle or broham
"yo broseph! you and the other brohams wanna brocuddle at the frat house?"
by Keith Spoelhof November 12, 2007
a homie, friend, brotherly like companion who often wears an upside down visor and an abercrombie or hollister polo.
wow your such a bro!

relax bro(seph)
by MacDre June 17, 2008
A convenient term to call a friend named joseph or any other with the '-seph' in the back end of one's name.
Pass me that beer broseph!
by Just in. March 04, 2009
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