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An extension of the common slang word bro. It's origin is unknown, but it has come to mean a bond of brotherhood exponentially stronger than bro. It is the deepest form of friendship, and the cloest two men can be without being homosexuals. In order to fully witness and realize the potential of so called 'brosivity', one must mix good friends with lots, and lots of beer.
Josh Salisbury, although he takes alot of shit, is a brosif.

Hey brosif, let's pound some beers.
by Brosif January 27, 2006
the best friendship i guy can have to another guy before being gay
kevin:why did u guys just hug are u gay

jeff&andrew:no were just brosifs
by Dave Tedesco February 01, 2008
a term directed at you're best friends (you're non-backstabbing, non-bitchy, non-girly, non-kill joy friends) A Brosif is someone that's down to chill and always down for a good party.
What it do, Brosif Boo?!

Dude, Eligha takes alot of shit but he's still a brosif.

Brosif! What did you do to my Car!
by Zakkkkk4 July 10, 2008
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