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The bro you can always turn to no matter what the scenario is. He will always be willing to help you out.
Ryan: "Dude, I was in a bad place for such a long time, and if it weren't for Joe St. Broseph here, I probably would have ended up in the gutters somewhere."
by SM_905 July 15, 2009
When and where your g.f. asks to cum on her. Usually done in a very bitchy tone in order to orchestrate the sex to her liking, and her liking only. This girl is usually demonstrating qualities of a queefapotamus.
Steve: "Man, my bitch is really getting pushy. Last night she pretty much forced me to cum on her ass."

Mark: "Looks like she is in cummand."


Cindy: "Last night I was totally cummanding when I was with Jeff."

Shannon: "OMG! You are such a slut."
by SM_905 July 15, 2009
Using pills such as Viagra to achieve a boner.
Much like in baseball, the act of corking your bat is illegal in the bedroom. It gives you the unfair advantage in competition, but once you are out of the major leagues and settle down corking it is perfectly legal in order to 'relive the glory days'.
1. Connie: "So last night, me and James were going to make love, when I found out he's been corking it."
by SM_905 July 15, 2009

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