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1. to get shorted or messed with, to fall short of expectations screwed

2. very large or oversized fat
1. The runner-up got bronked by the judges.

2. Chad was bronked after finishing the entire meal.
by hodge April 26, 2005
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1.A wetback
2.Border brother
3.Southern Cal mexican immigrant
That fuckin' bronk is spicy, A.
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
To wank whilst taking a shit
John: "Hey Steve, what did you get up to last night?"

Steve: "Not much, watched the game and then had a massive Bronk."
by bronkey mcbronkerson August 18, 2010
The art of being super creepy. A state generally attained when drinking alcohol.
Brent got really drunk and started to 'bronk' on these girls at the bar.
by big'ol'simone October 21, 2011
Something cool. Like "Fly" for black people and "caliente" for mexicans and "kool beanz" for white people.
"I was at the club last night and they was playing this BRONK jam"
by Jon-Jon Bon'Que'Que February 19, 2010
To get more than you bargained for when passing gas. A veritable wet fart by way of nugget or liquid form.
When Robert bronked his shorts they had to change the sofa cushions.
by bastionthelionslayer December 21, 2009
Something so incredible it cannot be described properly, such as an enormous bipedal cow who beats someone's face in with an enormous shield. Known to punt Kunkydude's on a regular basis
GUY 1: Holy shit! That cow just murdered someone!
Guy 2: Yeah! What a fucking Bronk!
by Bronkitis March 23, 2009

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