No words can describe how bad this music actually is. Listen to like the first minutes of Schizophrenia on youtube. If you still have your ears, you get a small cookie :).
Friend 1: Dude, i just listened to Schizophrenia by Brokencyde. IT IS AMAZING. *offers headphone

Friend 2: rly? *puts in headphone

Newscaster: Today, a child, age 15, hung himself from a tree limb on school premises. When we asked the last person to talk to him what could've caused this, he said: "I just forced him to listen to this Brokencyde song..." we understood immediately that Friend 1 was the murderer. Later today, he was convicted of 2nd degree murder. He was locked away for 30 years...
by Luke261 October 31, 2009
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Music that makes you really question society and how stupid kids are; The art of getting ear-raped; People that just need to get the fuck out.
Josh: Dude I just got brokencyded.

Kyle: Man i'm so sorry. I think your ears are bleeding.

Josh: Don't worry I did that, the sounds were unbearable.
by Awesomemangos June 16, 2009
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A group from New Mexico who are widely despised because of their music. However, Alot of people like them. Mostly "scene kids" who are made fun of. Brokencyde still manages to make it through. They have many fans but will most likely not be around for a while.
"Brokencyde rocks!"
"What the shit are you talking about?!"
by I dunnnno. :) May 15, 2010
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brokencyde are completly and and truly shit
i dont know who the singer thinks he is his lyrics are shit
bree bree WTF
by shadowkiller56 August 20, 2009
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brokebackNCYDE (more commonly known as brokencyde) is the product of two bastard children (modern rap and emo) of two glorious kigdoms (good rap and metal) that forms this genetically malformed, disease-ridden filth. They are a crunkcore group consisting of 2 vocalists (se7en and mikl) and 2 "musicians" (Phat J and Antz). They are a perfect storm that represents everything that is wrong with music today.

From rap they take pointless, uncreative and misogynistic lyrics; pointless Yamaha synth beats and drum synths and annoying Autotune "T. Pain/Kanye West" vocals that make you wanna curse the existence of robots. They don't even borrow from real good rap with it's intense poetry, good rhythm and beats and just being something that a pre-adolescent drunk white chick can't sing on their first-go-round. It's from the bastard child of Good Rap, Modern Rap.

And from emo they take their annoying out-of-place pterodactyl screams and their stupid image. The screaming has no point in existing other than to make the band emo. And to make everyone who listens to them think they are cool and emo because they listen to a band that pteroscreams and says the "f word". People like this are the scum of society, and I'm not just talking about emo wannabes. It's all of them.
It's like being black and living in the 90s and listening to people go "Man, Eminem is so gangster! And Vanilla Ice is the best rapper ever!". The shame of being not only affiliated with these people but being considered inferior to these interlopers is just painful. It's like watching this culture that you've tried so desperately to keep from becoming commecial and pop-culture influenced just slowly die and be taken over by pop-culture reject 13-year-old girls who didn't get asked to prom. And think they're hardcore because they listen to them when really their just emo douches.

Hey have y'all ever heard of brokencyde?

No anyone who ever listened to them commited suicide because they lost faith in humanity.

Conclusion: If you're white, you aren't gangster. If you listen to brokencyde, you aren't metal. And if you're a member of brokencyde, you'll spend eternity in musical hell.
by gatorace81@aol.com April 16, 2010
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A four-piece 'crunkcore' group from Albuquerque that makes me ashamed to be New Mexican.
I sincerely hope Mothers Against Brokencyde succeeds in their fight to kick Brokencyde off of Warped Tour!
by flamingotrigger July 03, 2009
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A group who after having listened to them is the only good reason to commit suicide. A group that's like an aural and visual train wreck...you don't want to look but you did...you want to take your eyes off...but you can't. A group whose music is surely a sign that America is going straight down the drain and will surely fall in the years to come because the youth of America, our future leaders and such, are a bunch of retarded monkeys who actually let this shit get popular.
Hey, did you hear, Tommy committed suicide?

Oh, man...what a shame. The selfish prick.

No, it was a reasonable suicide. He listened to Brokencyde and couldn't get that crap out of his head.

Yep, makes sense to me.
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