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The ejaculate of a bro. Often found on the chest of other bro's.
"Hey bro, let's go to that club now"
"Isn't that the one with all the blacklights?"
"Dude, I've got your brogurt all over my face"
by Craig McRae August 15, 2006
When you and your bros ejaculate in a pineapple yogurt and a sloot proceeds to eat the yogurt jizz mix.
Our bro down ended with a sloot and some brogurt. Best night ever!
by Pastyprince21 April 14, 2014
Semen. Ejaculate. Skeet.
Tinks loves my brogurt.
by Noxferatu April 17, 2007
A brotha's ejaculate
Russ frequented the gay bars in africa, developing a keen and refined taste for brogurt.
by z28 owner2 March 04, 2008
Male ejaculate. Semen. Jizz.
My girl squeezed out every last drop of my Brogurt last night.
by Jarettisbored April 30, 2014
When you are comfortable enough with your masculinity to allow your friend to eat your yogurt without accusations of theft.
Hey Brian, some douchebag ate my yogurt!

Actually Adam, it was me.

Oh well, that's cool then cuz you're my brogurt. You're still a douchebag though.
by The Monkman July 10, 2008
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