When an act of magnanimity, inspired by bromantic feelings, i.e. a particularly forceful hug, is met by an especially sentimental response from the recipient.
That was so fucking sweet of you bro, I think I might have a brogasm right here, all over your pretty face.
by CharlemagneYuri April 28, 2008
Top Definition
The feeling you get when you are with, or are thinking about, a large number of bros at one time. Or doing a number of extremely fratty, quasi-gay acts. When a culmination of broments arouse you to the point of a brogasm.
I just had the biggest brogasm after we all took our shirts off, sang the lyrics to 'Pour Some Sugar On Me', and chest bumped each other.
by Urban Dictionary May 15, 2007
The orgastic sensation shared among a group of bros when they are having a really fucking awesome time together (not sexual). Often is accompanied by high-fiving and chest bumping.
When a group of bros all show up to a kickback wearing the SAME Bro Tank and shades. It's just so crazy that they have a Brogasm.
by broster11 June 28, 2011
An explosion of brotherly love.
Logan, Jeremy, Johnnie, and Jake had a brogasm in the bathroom.
by J-bear69 February 04, 2011
A feeling of excitement brought on by a though or act of a brotastic moment.
Bro 1: I can't wait to chill tonight man.

Bro 2: I know, I'm 'bout to have a brogasm just thinking about it!
Bro 1: Its gonna be brotacular
by Broseph Manly August 05, 2013
When a girl is giving you a blowjob, and your best friend is hiding and watching, and becomes visible to the girl and the best friend gives you a thumbs up while you get off.
"holy crap that feels so good. I'm about to get off, it's going to be a brogasm..."
Girl- "What?"
Best Friend- "Way to Go!!" (give thumbs up).
by j-squared314 March 19, 2011
When a bro does and or has something epic; a sick shot, raging flow, huge hit, snipe, death check, home run check... you should get the point.
mainly to do with lax but it can also be used in some sports... except baseball.
Brogasm is normally used as Brogasmic in present tense
"Dude that behind the back no look shot 20 yrds out was Brogasmic"
"His flow is brogasmic"

"His tilt is brogasmic"
"A Pro7 with tilt, backward 7's is brogasmic"

"He just got wrecked."
"I know that was brogasmic"
by Ultimate bro May 20, 2010
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