The stuff your parents force you to eat.
Mother: Have some brocolli, dear.
Kid: Eeeew, no thanks.
Mother: It's good for you!
Kid: tastes like trees.
by glossedhorror August 31, 2006
Top Definition
high-grade weed, marijuana, pot. also known as "the bomb"!
I love smoking me some of that brocolli!
by ojay May 07, 2003
A species of plant that is related to cabbage, lettuce, collards, and spinach. The plant is a perrenial in tropical and subtropical regions. Although the leaves can be eaten, the plant is mainly grown for its undeveloped flower heads which can either be eaten raw or cooked.
Brocolli stew is delicious.
by AYB April 07, 2003
hairy penis. the brocolli end with the fluffy green shit is the pubes and the base is the shaft and head
this girl was about to go down on me until she saw brocolli
by malcolmxlol December 05, 2007
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