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exclusively male version of the title, coastie

broasties are usually seen around campus, hitting on some of their coastie chicks, and paying for their Starbucks and/or Pinkberry with mommy's black card

similar, but not exact, to guido: a broastie is not always a guido, and a guido is not always a broastie, but one could be considered both
A: Man, what did you do today?

B: Well, first I got an orange mocha frappuccino, then I went tanning, and then I dropped half a stack at American Apparel

A: (under breath) godforsaken broastie
by the greek goddess May 01, 2010
Not toast, nor bread... a broastie is an Australian term for a piece of bread cooked for about 10 - 20 seconds in a toastie machine so it gives the bread a toasted line down the centre of the bread and warms it slightly.
Carl: G'day Bruce, how long should I cook this broastie for?

Bruce: Flaming galah! For about 15 seconds mate, until you get the line down the middle.

Carl: Bonza mate, cheers!
by foxious-maximous September 13, 2010

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