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Girls from the coastal areas of the United States, who for some reason decided to flood the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Very easy to spot, owing to their overuse of: Uggz boots (even when it isn't cold or snowy), large sunglasses (even when there is no sun), messy ponytails (for that "I just completed the walk of shame and didn't shower today" look), and anything North Face, typically the Denali jackets or knee-length down coats. They also like to wear stretchy black or maroon pants bunched up around the tops of their Uggz. During the winter, Coasties can be identified by their bright orange skin- they are notorious over-users of tanning booths.
God, she's such a coastie! Look at her boots- it's May! What is she doing in Wisconsin???!!!
by Sconnie 42 February 05, 2006
The term coastie or coasty (more often heard and seen as the plural coasties) is used in Midwestern U.S. universities such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison to denote students who come from outside of Wisconsin, mostly the Chicago area and the Coasts. The term is also more loosely applied to in-state students from other areas of Wisconsin. Although the most general use of the term denotes only the origin of these students, there are often implicit or explicit associations that use of the term can evoke. One is that coasties do not pay their own tuition because they come from socioeconomically privileged families. Other associations include living in private residence halls and membership in a fraternity or a sorority. Other associations are fashion-related and are therefore more ephemeral. As of 2005, coastie fashion consists of Ugg boots, The North Face jackets, plain spandex and over-sized sunglasses. The term has become increasingly widespread since the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a story concerning the differences and tensions between coasties and students from the Midwest.
Kid 1 :"Yo dood where is that cocky girl from?"
Kid 2 :"She's from North Jersey!She's a damn coastie!"
by Manu227 March 28, 2009
1. n. A US Coast Guard member. not derogatory.
You can always tell a Coastie by the smell of alcohol on his breath.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
Coasties are the random students who choose to attend midwestern universities, such as UW-Madison, that come from the coast. Most prevalantly coming from New York or New Jersey.

Coasties usually keep to themselves and are stuck up and lack the humility that most midwesterners have. They voluntarily choose to segragate themselves from the population. Don't bother trying to talk to them, as they will look down to you. They usually take over the school's greek system, keeping us normal people out.

The girls tend to act pretty dumb and use the word "like" alot. They dress really slutty in their black spandex and v-neck shirts. Northface jackets, big sunglasses, scarves, and ugg boots are a must.

The guys are obsessed with the Yankees and the Jets and are overconfident in their abilities with women. Most of them are douchebags.

More recently coastie has become more of a social definition rather than a geographical one. Some people in certain Chicago suburbs have also displayed the coasite trait. This group is called fauxsties. To be fair, there are nice people from the coast with deveopled social skills, but sadly they are a dime a dozen.
Steve: Hey, should I join a frat?
Carl: No, theyre full of coasties, you wont like it
Steve: What's a coastie?
Carl: Just go to Langdon St, you'll see instantly
by Missing Waldo November 03, 2009
Any individual that has their main residence along a coast in very small coastal towns. Coasties are similar to carnies but with an immobile residence.
Dude these coasties are really giving me the creeps. Let's head back inland.
by Bill Umpkin July 28, 2008
A person, typically from the Gold Coast, Australia, who has a relaxed and carefree demeanor and enjoys engaging in activities that do not involve high standards of etiquette nor require more than limited mental activity. A subcategory of bogan. Coasties will typically have more money than class.

Coasties will usually dress in surf labels and thongs during the day, and wear minimal clothing at night regardless of the temperature, preferably in loud colours or with offensive prints and/or slogans.
"How about we cruise around town in a white hummer tonight drinking vodka and then hit up Shooters? I'll wear my Gasp dress with my gold heels and my sparkly Guess bag" "So coastie, ay!
by coastierocker July 24, 2011
A word used by people from Madison, Wisconsin to describe people that dress/speak/act differently that make them feel inferior to people from either coast of the USA. People from the coast dress differently, act differently and speak differently, but are not superior to any other part of the USA, especially Wisconsin. The use of this word inherently illustrates how people from Wisconsin feel about themselves - namely, that they need to feel better by projecting their self hatred on "coasties"
"Michele is such a coastie; she wears tight leggings and Ugg boots."
by ccboy February 28, 2012
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