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A young girl (usually between the ages of 16-21) Who became a feminist after she got a tumblr account. Commonly believes that all men are chauvinists even though they usually fuck any random neckbeard
She got a tumblr. Now shes turned into a tumblr feminist
by hiphop4real November 03, 2013
A girl (or boy, but generally a girl) who thinks that re-blogging photos from their parent's basement on a MacBook that they didn't buy with their own money is "being an activist" when in reality they have probably never gone to a protest, fundraiser, or meeting for any social justice organization and probably never will cause any civil change in their lifetime. Similar to a "Facebook Activist" a la the Kony 2012 viral video.

A Tumblr Feminist will also post pictures of themselves naked or half-naked on the internet and claim it is "art" and attack any person who talks about their body (despite the fact they posted their tits on the internet).
"Amy is a total Tumblr Feminist, one time she wrongfully accused that guy of rape just to get some twitter followers."
by Muumuu House December 21, 2013
A female, usually a teen or pre-teen, occasionally older, that claims all men are misogynist pigs, and pointlessly whine about the pay gap, or other normal topics which they verbally complain about, but don't actually do anything that will change it. They commonly mistake idealism for sexism, and use countless double standards.
Tom- I heard Katie's a tumblr feminist now
Jake- Yeah, she kept bitching and moaning about men and how they're all pigs
Tom- It's probably because she can't get a boyfriend
by Scarlett Blowhandjob June 20, 2014
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