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verb, -ing, -ed

To poorly and/or arrogantly park a bro truck. This action is exclusive to bros and bro trucks. Typical ways to bro park include:
1) parking in handicapped spaces.
2) parking in loading zones.
3) parking in fire zones.
4) parking in 'no parking' zones.
5) parking against red curb.
6) parking in other pedestrian areas, including up curbs, and on sidewalks.
7) parking in MOVING traffic.
8) parking, literally AT the front door of a store.
9) parking in front of fire hydrants.
10) parking across more than 1 stall.
11) parking at such an angle as to make the adjacent stalls unusable.
12) parking across stalls (sideways in a lengthwise stalls).
13) parking too far forward, taking the opposite stall as well.
14) parking too far forward, blocking (covering) sidewalks.
15) parking at such an angle as to make the greatest possible number of adjacent spaces unusable.
16) parking in any such way that you block access for or to other vehicles.
17) any combination of 1-16 above.

Common bro excuses to bro park include:
1) to draw attention to your bro truck and show it off.
2) to avoid 'door hits' from other vehicles.
3) because your bro truck is too long to park in a standard space.
4) because your bro truck is too wide to park in a standard space.
5) because you need room for the ladder that it takes to get into your bro truck.
6) because you need room for whatever ridiculous thing you are towing.
7) because you're "more important" than everyone else.
8) because you're "just running in" or will "be right back"

In residential areas, bros often bro park with additional items in their parking stalls or attached to their bro trucks. This may include storage trailers, recreational trailers, ORV trailers, or motorcycles. These items take up even MORE stall space, often blocking access for other residents or homeowners.

A common area to see someone Bro Park is in the Inland Empire, in Southern California.

See also: bro parking (noun) for related information.
"The fire department couldn't save the orphanage, because somebody decided to bro park in front of the only fire hydrant"
by brownnipples February 10, 2009
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