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The section of a parking lot, usually towards the rear of the lot, where all the bro trucks park. The vehicles are typically parked with at least 1 empty space between vehicles, on each side. The concept of bro parking is to park your "extreme ride" as far away from other vehicles as possible. This is allegedly done for any number of bro reasons:
1) to draw attention to your bro truck and show it off.
2) to avoid 'door hits' from other vehicles, or hits from shopping carts.
3) because your bro truck is too long to park in a standard space.
4) because your bro truck is too wide to park in a standard space.
5) because you need room for the ladder that it takes to get into your bro truck.
6) because you need room for whatever ridiculous thing you are towing.

Bro Parking is often littered with waste, as bros would rather pollute than keep trash in their precious vehicle until they are near a trash can.

Bro Parking is typically found in areas like the Inland Empire, in Southern California.

See also: bro park (verb) for further information.
"It was a busy day at the shopping center, so we parked way in the back of the lot in the bro parking."
#bro #bro truck #bro park #ie #white trash
by brownnipples February 09, 2009
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