a white girl who normally lives in so cal
they think thyre part of a "bro" crew but theyre just used for sex
they have fake boobs or push up bras
they wear ridiculously short skits with no panties
they have no self respect
they think they can ride dirtbikes and play football when theyre really just making idiots of themselves
they have blond hair on top and black on the botom some even make desighns on their heads
their boobs are alwasy poping out of their shirts
they wear excesive metal mulisha, skin, so cal, and uggs
they think uggs go with everything even short skirts
thir pants are alwasy 2 sizes to small

they drink and smoke weed all day
they bang every "bro" that looks at them
99% of them droped out of high schoolor took them 8 years to finish
wear ridiculous amounts of make up especialy cover up
thyre always on my space/ facebook meeting new fuck buddies
thyre think the whole world revolves arround them
they have fake nails and fake hair
drink rockstars all day
they stab everyone in the back

then thres the wannabe bro hoes who are the same as the regular bro hoes but have a beer gut and they dont have sex because theyre to anoying and thy think theyre the shit but everyone hates them and people hide from them!

i live in so cal so i know all this crap!
bro hoe 1: have u had sex with johnny
Bro hoe 2: no y?
bro hoe 1: oh because his cum tastes really good
by i hate idiots 199 December 10, 2010
Top Definition
A bro hoe is a white girl who hangs out with "bro's" that dirtbike. They die their hair half blonde, half black. Wear brands such as Skin, SoCal, and SRH. They like to smoke weed, drink beer, be ignorant, oh and they DGAF (don't give a fuck.) You can usually find these types of fake girls at the mall, in No Fear stores... or at southern California teen parties, usually doing a keg stand or smoking a bong.
Basically a bitch who thinks she's one of the guys because she rolls with his crew, but those guys only chill with her because she gives them head.
A bro hoe typically wears bandannas, drives lifted trucks, over do their mascara, have belly-button piercings that flaunt their beer belly, smoke and drink to prove to the "bro's" that they're chill.
by scandalous synn April 14, 2006
aka bro ho
-wears exclusively dirtbiking or offroading brands
-drinks more than their alcoholic fathers
-smokes more pot than cheech and chong put together
-dates guys with lifted trucks
-thick black eyeliner
-most of their pictures include some variation of a sideways peace sign
-tries to fit in with 'the guys' but in the end is used for sex
-very popular in school and spends 99% of her time on myspace
-very often seen in 661
-use the word 'chill' as an adjective

known for wearing No Fear, So Cal, 187 Inc., Alpinestars, Black Flys, DVD, Electric, Famous, FMF, Hitman, Hoven,
Hustler, Metal Mulisha, MOB INC., Reef, Skin, SPY, SRH, and Tap Out
bro hoe 1: dude, did you go to mike's kegger last night? i was so fucked up

bor hoe 2: nope, me and jon were out fucking in the back of his truck after we went offroading.
by bro hoe chyea right July 12, 2006
a bro hoe is a girl who hangs with a groups of guys called "bros". normally the guys smoke pot and hookah and love to drink, dirt bike, fight, race and PARTY. bro hoes love all the same things as bros... but they also wear a lot of thick eye liner, and tons of makeup... usually their hair is overprocessed, blonde on the top and black on the bottom... they wear name brands such as SKIN, SOCAL, TAPOUT, NO FEAR & SRH... they date guys with lifted trucks with nice rims, lost of naked girl stickers on them and who their mothers hate... their favorite shapes are SPADES & STARS... they love pushup bras & low cut shirts... usually they have gotten with most of the guys in their crew... they acts like bad asses but are usually harmless, unless they all get together and attack you... they love platform flip flops with SHORT skirts and NO undies... some are sluts, others are sweet... just depends what crew you roll with...use words like "crew", "roll", "chill", "swoop"...etc... they live in the 951//909 and they DGAF!
i am a 951 bro hoe and i'm fuckin proud of it!
by socallove26 December 05, 2006
Bro Ho
(I compiled everyones and edited slightly)
- peroxide damaged hair
- orange skin
- between the age of fourteen and tewenty.
- lower back tattoo (often depicting a butterfly or hibiscus flowers)
- thinks UGGs go with everything
- wears skater and surf apparel but participates in neither activity
- wears velour track suits anywhere and anytime, including movie/dinner dates and church
- has a beer gut and wears jeans that are two sizes too small (muffin top).
- thinks spring break in Cancun qualifies 'well-traveled'
- has a naval piercing or naval piercing scar
- dates a guy who drives a lifted truck/SUV OR drives her own lifted truck/SUV
- butt crack and thong are always visible
- wears the following brands: No Fear, So Cal, 187 Inc., Alpinestars, Black Flys, DVD, Electric, Famous, FMF, Hitman, Hoven,Hustler, Metal Mulisha, MOB INC., Reef, Skin, SPY, SRH, and Tap Out
- most of their pictures include some variation of a sideways peace sign
- tries to fit in with 'the guys' but in the end is used for sex
- very popular in school and spends 99% of her time on myspace
- very often seen in 661
- they love platform flip flops with SHORT skirts and NO undies.
- they love pushup bras & low cut shirts.
- wife beaters of various colors
- some are sluts, others are sweet.
- are spoiled out of their mind, but use all the money they get from their parents to spend on things that make them look like white trash.

+ 100 bro ho points if she listens to Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Nickelback, or any rap-rock fusion.

+ 1,000 bro ho points if she considers Britney Spears, Jenna Jameson, or Paris Hilton a personal inspiration.

- and they DGAF!
you shouldn't need an example of a bro hoe, they're easy to spot.
by Curtass March 09, 2007
baisicly, a girl who hangs out with bros, she lives in the 909 life style of lifted trucks and music such as Kotton Mouth Kings, referring to themselves as "bro hoes" because they are the female version of a "bro"
"Did you see kellie hanging out with that bro josh? She is SUCH a bro hoe now that she hangs out with him and rides in his lifted truck"
by Davey M. May 31, 2006
A brohoe is a girl who:
-Lives in SoCal: area codes-661, 714, 909, 951, 562
-Likes to chill wit mostly guys but does not neccessarily "fuck them all" like some of you are saying
-Thinks lifted trucks and loud bass are hot as fuck
-usually has hair dyed blonde on the top and black on the bottom
-Listens to mostly fuckin kottonmouth kings and kingspade
-hell yeah are bitches and mainly DGAF
-like to go out to the desert and the river
-most wear a lot of make-up and like to get their hair/nails done
-usually has piercings and/or tattoos
-love animal print
-usually wears whatever the fuck she feels like wearing, has a lot of beaters and bandannas
-most like to drink, smoke weed, and pop pills
-like big sunglasses, purses
-usually have hot-ass boyfriends who are usually bros
-like to party and just kick it wit their bros
-like to shop at No Fear, Zumiez, Tilly's, Pac Sun, etc.
-are usually hot or dont give a fuck if they are or not and thats why most girls are jealous and hate them
Bros and brohoes are the fuckin Kream of the Krop in fuckin SoCal reppin the 661 and the 714 fo sho!!
by reppinthekrown<3 September 10, 2007
A bro hoe is a girl(Typically white) who is a female version of a "Bro". Their clothing includes windbreakers, most of the time a tank top(SRH, Metal Mulisha, Skin, KMK, Famous), jeans, and lots of cleavage. Their hair is layered and is blonde/black, or blonde with pink or red. Many of them have piercings, some have tattoos. Their face make up is very light with dark eyeshadow, blush and shiney white lips. They DGAF, smoke, toke and drink lots of beer. REAL Bro Hoes ride dirt bikes and roll with the boys.
The best Bro Hoes come from SoCal.
by DanKii909 August 07, 2007
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