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girls that only wears hollister just so ppl will think they are rich. they act sweet and ionncent but when they are around their friends they bitch about everything.they are over emotional and just want to find "true love" and will do anything to find it. they whine if their daddys and mommys wont buy them something, they are so called perfect little girls. but in reality they just act that way to be liked. most of them are straightedges and they only like all the hollister whores they hang with. these girls mainly go for fooyball players and guys who wear hollister. the football players only like them because they think they are easy and the hollister guys usally grow up to be gay.
kelly is such a hollister whore lil bitch
by ASHLYN_ARCiiN December 27, 2007
-ages 13-39
-over dyed hair usally crazy colors coontails may be included
-lifted trucks
-platform sandals
-flared acrilic nails
-hang with "BROS"
-smoke potwell some do
-love the desert
-love bands like kmk,kingspade,so cal trash ect..
-love dirtbikes
-love hot bros
-<3 guys with plugs tats and sometims mohawks
-use alot of black eyeliner and mascara the darker the better
-some backcomb their hair like me:]
-dgafdont give a fuck
-some ppl say there sluts but it just depents
-"BRO HOE" is a sterotype like prep or emo or scene
-its a life stylethe way you live ur life
-party hard
-down for almost anything
-drink alot
-mainly live in cali and arizona
-hang witha crew of bros and bro hoes
-will kick ur ass if u fuk wit there friends or family
-friends are family
-live life to the fullist
-have piercings or scarsform doing it themselfs
-have tattoos
-wear name brands like so cal tapout hitman mob 187inc hustler ectalmost everything at no fear or the edge.
-love guns brass knuckles anything harmful
-tan alot
im a bro hoe in the 951 yes, i dgaf and no, im not fukin fake. bro hoes live life just to have fun were not like fukin emos who hate everything we dont care if u say were bad or a "bad eample". so get the sticks out of ur asses and stop hatin us
by ASHLYN_ARCiiN December 26, 2007

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