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a bro hoe is a girl who hangs with a groups of guys called "bros". normally the guys smoke pot and hookah and love to drink, dirt bike, fight, race and PARTY. bro hoes love all the same things as bros... but they also wear a lot of thick eye liner, and tons of makeup... usually their hair is overprocessed, blonde on the top and black on the bottom... they wear name brands such as SKIN, SOCAL, TAPOUT, NO FEAR & SRH... they date guys with lifted trucks with nice rims, lost of naked girl stickers on them and who their mothers hate... their favorite shapes are SPADES & STARS... they love pushup bras & low cut shirts... usually they have gotten with most of the guys in their crew... they acts like bad asses but are usually harmless, unless they all get together and attack you... they love platform flip flops with SHORT skirts and NO undies... some are sluts, others are sweet... just depends what crew you roll with...use words like "crew", "roll", "chill", "swoop"...etc... they live in the 951//909 and they DGAF!
i am a 951 bro hoe and i'm fuckin proud of it!
by socallove26 December 05, 2006

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