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Bro Ho
(I compiled everyones and edited slightly)
- peroxide damaged hair
- orange skin
- between the age of fourteen and tewenty.
- lower back tattoo (often depicting a butterfly or hibiscus flowers)
- thinks UGGs go with everything
- wears skater and surf apparel but participates in neither activity
- wears velour track suits anywhere and anytime, including movie/dinner dates and church
- has a beer gut and wears jeans that are two sizes too small (muffin top).
- thinks spring break in Cancun qualifies 'well-traveled'
- has a naval piercing or naval piercing scar
- dates a guy who drives a lifted truck/SUV OR drives her own lifted truck/SUV
- butt crack and thong are always visible
- wears the following brands: No Fear, So Cal, 187 Inc., Alpinestars, Black Flys, DVD, Electric, Famous, FMF, Hitman, Hoven,Hustler, Metal Mulisha, MOB INC., Reef, Skin, SPY, SRH, and Tap Out
- most of their pictures include some variation of a sideways peace sign
- tries to fit in with 'the guys' but in the end is used for sex
- very popular in school and spends 99% of her time on myspace
- very often seen in 661
- they love platform flip flops with SHORT skirts and NO undies.
- they love pushup bras & low cut shirts.
- wife beaters of various colors
- some are sluts, others are sweet.
- are spoiled out of their mind, but use all the money they get from their parents to spend on things that make them look like white trash.

+ 100 bro ho points if she listens to Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Nickelback, or any rap-rock fusion.

+ 1,000 bro ho points if she considers Britney Spears, Jenna Jameson, or Paris Hilton a personal inspiration.

- and they DGAF!
you shouldn't need an example of a bro hoe, they're easy to spot.
by Curtass March 09, 2007
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