Anyone From the UK who is by nature a better person than any non-brit, and therefore does not need to parade their own patriotism and chant their countries name at every opportunity.
"Oh I see England won again"

"Thank God I'm a Brit, and not a Johnny Foreigner"
by Union Jack May 15, 2005
abbriviation for Briton which means anyone from Great Britain (not so great)
they destroyed or at the very least caused some everlasting shit anywhere they set foot unless found it somewhat suitable to ley their eggs like north america and australia. they earned their pride at the cost of other's misery and enslavement.
now do the math youself and see if the other definitions hold! maybe too sarcastic
is an islander a brit or a brit an islanders?
by dicsionary December 17, 2004
Fucking pussies who think the're better than the U.S
Brit:America suck lets go eat crumpets we're cool brits
American: brits suk balls
by 5673 April 14, 2006
a derogatory term for a scot or welsh person. usually used by english people to describe themselves or when talking about scotland and wales. a bastard race born out of saxon/german/frankish/anglo and roman inter breeding not to confused with the celtic or gaelic race. a native of the island of britain. absolutley nothing to do with ireland.
zola budd and greg rusedski two of the best brit sports persons of all times
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006
1. An excellent writer.
2. A slash fanfiction
3. A synonym for the phrase "Too Cool For The Planet"
1. "Well, my friends say I'm Brit."
2. "I'm off to read a Brit"
3. "That concert was Brit! You should have been there!"
by Moki June 20, 2004
Short for British, a person from the United Kingdom who can't spell honor correctly, probably hasn't taken a bath in the last month (yet still smells better than a frenchie), haven't ever had a true democracy or the freedom to bear arms, and calls soccer football. They also think that the term actually means all Americans and is actually offensive.
Brit: Cheerio to all you yanks
Group of Americans: The ... Smell ... can't ... breathe ............. Good ..... Bye .... Cruel ... World.
by booser March 22, 2005
uppity annoying arrogant big toothed cricket playing losers who cant spell ASS HONOR or COLOR right and spend their whole life kissing their "queens" fat ass. actualy thinks "yanks" is in the least bit insulting.
"im a brit you yanks suck"
"shut the fuck up brit"
by jim May 07, 2005
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