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The most amazing, awesomest, coolest person you will ever meet!
WOW she just like brinley!
by yelnirb October 04, 2009
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If your name is Brinley you got lucky! Brinley is hot and can get all the guys and is so sexy has great boobs and ass and has great style! But she is also very very funny and outgoing she loves everyone! She is kind, loving, caring, and loves to dance the night away! This girl goes to every party out there! She's easy going and everyone loves a girl named Brinley!
Guy 1:dude did you see brinley last night

Guy 2:yea dude she was smokin! I shoulda got that
by ggrriiffiittss August 12, 2016
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A very funny cool person with a great personality. Everyone loves her and she loves to dance. She has a big ass and loves to go to parties and loves her friends as much as the love her. She is super funny and usually every person she meets they become friends because she is so loving. Is a good kisser and good with the men. She is very outgoing and loves to travel. She is a pet lover and brightens everyone's day. She lights up the room right when she walks in. She has beautiful eyes and perfect hair. She has a great sense of style and loves life.
guy: Did you see Brinley at the party last night.

guy: yeah she was hot.

guy: I know right
by ggrriiffiittss June 28, 2016
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A rather overweight hairy guy who smokes weed and swings people round by their arms (basically a moron)
Right brinleys here who wants a spin?

You know you want him 1234 brinley spinning at your door
by shitface333333 September 30, 2009
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