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A brigga is a brown nigga (not a wannab like a wigga) they prove that brown peepz can b into the same stuff which a blac man is into. they dont try to b blac its jus natural!
Mr Malhi "wag1 brigga"
BWA "howz the brigga population sayin"
by Malhi October 06, 2005
Brown version of nigga. The badest mother fuckas in the world.(males only(brownies are the females))
Brown guy
by Sean Jean December 08, 2003
The combination of "bro" and "nigga" for people that aren't black or hood, but want to act like it
"That's my brigga right there, he kills the COD!"
"Me and my brigga rolled up at hollister looking at jeans after copping a fresh snap back from lids."
"I wish a brigga would."
"Brigga please."
by baseballbatfan502 October 26, 2011
What up brigga!
by NSTK June 20, 2011
n. - is a Brazilian nigga
Yo wasup my brigga!!!??
by xJaZx February 22, 2011
1) Brown skinned person (e.g. Hispanic/Middle-Eastern/South Asian) that acts like a nigga kinda like wigga.
2) Light-skinned Black person (i.e. someone of African descent who has white/native/asian blood) doesn't necessarily have to act like a nigga, but that helps to be classified as a brigga.
1) Ahmed Khan greets Abdul Mohammed by saying "whats up my brigga"
2) The dark skinned African American greets his fellow African American brother who is light skinned by saying "What up ma brigga".
by ItchyBriggaTriggaNigga March 02, 2004
a nigga wanna be, kinda like a wigga, but not white but brown skinned. Except not as sad and pathetic as wiggas.
briggas fo lyfe!
by da briggest! September 30, 2003

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