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A type of underwear often known as tighty whities. When you wear them you have a very high chance of getting a wedgie from a boxer wearer. But briefs are very comfortable even during a wedgie.
During gym I was wearing briefs and I got pantsed in front of a hot girl then in the locker room I got a hanging wedgie and stayed there all night until the janitor finally got me down. I now get regular wedgies from the same people for the whole year.
by Undiesman67 June 12, 2009
66 22
hug your crotch for nice feeling. Matt loves wearing these because they get him nice and hard. They show off his ass great!
everyone was staring at matt when he was wearing his briefs because he looked so sexy
by asslicker69 April 14, 2009
66 22
tight fitting underwear that way if you have some big you know whats they wont be swinging aroud everywhere
i wear briefs and i love them i need them but i thing theres two things wrong with it

1.they make you look dorky
2.when your changing in gym class its more likely yyour going to be the victim of the painful wedgie!!!
by Stick Maniac June 17, 2008
55 27
Briefs are a type of underwear that are worn mostly by men. They are often more embarrassing because they don't cover the upper part of the legs, unlike boxers. They are not common with the "cool kids".

Boys that wear briefs are a target for wedgies. If you are a brief-wearer next to kids that wear boxers in a locker room, you are almost guaranteed to get a hanging wedgie. A common nickname for them is tightey whiteys, whitey tighteys, or TWs.
Once, when changing in the boys locker rooms, I took off my shirt. Then some jock pantsed me and saw my briefs. He called his friends and gave me an atomic wedgie. Everyone saw and laughed, then they hung me on a coathook, giving me a hanging wedgie. I stayed there for the rest of the day, hanging from my white briefs. I still wear briefs every day, even though everyone gives me wedgies from them every day.
26 7
Agreat invention designed to protect the penis and balls.
Briefs are always comfortable even in a wedgie!
by Briefboy September 20, 2008
31 18
Another word for car. Used in Glasgow, Scotland.
How we gonna get there? its cool take ma brief!
I rode yer maw in the back of ma brief last night!
by Alan T/David B November 15, 2006
42 29
a lawyer
He refused to talk to the police until his brief arrived
by Bill Cranny December 16, 2003
45 35