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5 definitions by asslicker69

hug your crotch for nice feeling. Matt loves wearing these because they get him nice and hard. They show off his ass great!
everyone was staring at matt when he was wearing his briefs because he looked so sexy
by asslicker69 April 14, 2009
66 22
drinking gatoreade after hard sex,gay guys love this shit
hey michael lets fuck than gator fuck
by asslicker69 April 13, 2009
3 1
gay men who get a when thier friends are in tighteywhiteys.
When u wanna sniff n wear your friends briefs.
hey dominic i have a brief fucker for you in those undies
by asslicker69 April 13, 2009
3 5
When you get blowed in the bathtub
Dude my friend bath blowed me last night it was hot
by asslicker69 April 14, 2009
1 6
two young boys who have been friends for awhile who will help a brother out when they need it and will double date with hot girls
me and my friend gary will be broski's for life
by asslicker69 May 20, 2009
14 45