a guy who has a tattoo right above the buttocks, also referred to as an ass tat or a tramp stamp. Something for another guy to look at while pounding the brew hole.
Dammitt Brewer!! You got shit all over my dick!!!
by Peter Cottontail June 12, 2008
An unexpected and uncontrollable fluctuation in your vocal pitch and tone. Often occurs midword (especially during puberty.) In rare circumstances, the condition can recur in later life causing amusement and embarrassment.
"hello, how are you? My name is *BREWer*"
"Oh, don't worry, you just brewered"
by Sergent Brewer April 15, 2010
A penis in the grimey sense... that hasn't been cleaned in a while, cheesy with some chavy genital herpes on the side.
DB in PS. Brewer is disgusting and repulsive.
by Joeleo November 17, 2006
creepy person, gives off a creepy vibe
that guy keeps looking at me, he's sucha brewer
by sqqqquaddd December 13, 2014

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