A brett is a type of dork
that kid is such a brett
also see; nerd, retard, loser
by kimberlyrose November 22, 2007
A man who has very large dimples, and often gets frustrated and stops doing something - BUT tough luck now because he can no longer quit. You cant quit the army.
That kid is such a brett, he quit playing COD4 because he was sucking - "you cant quit in the army brett."
by awdasdasd February 16, 2008
1. Brett is a name given to a newborn baby when his aunt and uncle..oops i mean *parents* were to drunk to give him a proper name. (also see inbreed)

2. Brett a pathetic excuse for a man. One who attempts to "woo" and "seduce" already taken girls with notes and sappy poems that would turn the most homosexual male away. Brett also likes chick flicks and cries during "The Holiday". Brett, obviously undeserving of said girl, will say to said girl he is desperate while always talking about another unsuspecting girl, which said girl, hates.

Brother: wow Burtha **HICCUP**I aint reconed that this her thing coulda come outta that der hole uf urs.
Sister: SHADDUP LEROY!! its urs ya recon?
Brother: i aint not know...**hiccup** call'um Brett..
Sister: why?
Brother: cuz he sorta resembles my dog's, Butch; butt
by Veraxes July 30, 2008
Brett is a semi-retarded (all right, totally idiotic) pinksock obsessed anal-jizz consumer who regularly receives massive “loads” of horse crap blended with multiple dead babies, a pint of elephant ejaculation and whatever a porcupine can vomit up after drinking too much vodka. These “loads” are, of course, injected via syringe into his left testicle. Left because his right one was “lost” at his last emo-fag-gang-bang held in his rather fabulous looking mothers van. Some participants in this event included Brett’s sister, dogs, cat, Mr. Roggers, Matt Damon and Martha Stewart. Some have claimed to have seen Darth Vader and Batman feltching a random (but still the same) Mexican slave boy, but these images were, unfortunately, not featured in the 16-day special circulating on the Internet. Brett, a hard core wigger and “baller” truly believes he is “1337” but would be easily pzoned by even the average person with dyslexia and 340598 different strands of AIDS (all gained after butt raping a dead monkey). Some of Brett’s favorite hobbies (aside from beating it to his sister getting done by strange homeless men from downtown Calgary) include eating cookies, and putting diapers onto dead children (these are usually used to pleasure Brett in multiple ways). Fortunately enough, Brett does not have any friends, and will never succeed at life, because his head was broken in, and now he usually drools uncontrollably (even at the site of a naked Pakistani man sticking stuff into a tree). Brett’s choice of music much affects his lifestyle, after all, beating your mother’s dead body with your little penis while listening to songs such as “I Cum Blood” “Blowtorch Slaughter” “Fucked with a knife” and “Raped by the beast” by the band Cannibal Corpse tends to say *something* might just be a little wrong…
“Aww cunt! Fucking-Brett’s coming…”
“H-H-Heeey guys!”
“Go away Brett, you have no friends”
by MagicDan January 12, 2006
a selfish bastard who sucks alot of big black cock just like his sister the devil. and one of the most sloppy people you ever meet.
clean your room. domt pull a "brett"
by [R.A.V.E] August 25, 2008
A boy who does not invite his lovely lady to his end of the year party.
That kid is such a Brett: He did not invite me to his party!
by Jenny(BFG) March 29, 2008
-To eat out a girl while she is on her period.
Eww did you hear how our singer pulled off a Brett!!
by MIKE23453534 February 29, 2008

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