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A bad "band", very bad.
Breene are fucking shit, and adore themselves.
by mikey April 04, 2005
A term given to musical artists or bands who have no integrity, act in an unpleasant manner and generally think they are better than they actually are. The term comes from a UK band called Breene, who are pioneers in this sort of behaviour.
The singer is breene

That is a breene band
by Mike March 04, 2005
Kick ass punk band from Keighley, Bradford.

Not advertising here, but I just can't be ass writing more, so I point you toward
Person A: I went to see breene at the exchange (which is a bar/club kinda thing in Bradford, fuckk it, I like it and I'm a fucking aspie) last night...

Me: yeah, they rock, I know the drummer (kurt) from college
by Knott John April 02, 2005

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