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A bro, brah, brotha, brother, or any sort of good male friend
Stop by later, we'll hang with my breens and shit, brah.
by stash briggins March 22, 2009
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A color (invented by Heffer from Rocko's modern life) that is a mixture of brown and green that dries into a sort of purple.
1."my house is Breen."
2."Harry potter sucks."
by annoymoose December 10, 2003
Perfection; Could not be better.
I had a breen day, I could not be happier.
by 4est Green May 27, 2007
An almighty hangover with no recolection of how it was acquired. From acronym; breen - Beer Related Event Eliminating Neurons.

1. "the events of the previous night were breened by alcohol"
2. "last night breened all hope of functioning the next day"
3. "too much beer breens as sure as night follows day"
4. "he/she is recovering from a breening. It could take days"
5. "beer is responsible for his/her breened state"
by Raybies August 18, 2007
A species that is not to be trusted in the fictional Star Trek Universe. They wear a mask and shoot green energy weapons.
Klingons never trust a Breen
by Metalorg January 24, 2012
To censor Internet forum comments by deleting them.

Usage is thought to be derived from Joseph Breen, who was head of censorship for the motion picture industry, and possibly a contemporary consumer industry editor with the same last name.
The moderator will breen my comment about government censorship.

The editor will be breening posts he doesn't like.

The discussion board has been breened.
by Brobdingnagian March 21, 2011
a color made up of green and blue,also known as glue.
that shirt would look pretty if they had it in Gurple or Breen.
by colorcreator4 March 05, 2010

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