The part in a piece of music, typically a dance track or pop song, where the texture is decreased, to give a softer, more low-key mood, usually before the texture of the music is brought up again to raise the emaotional level.
"I like the bit just before the break down."
by Dan Brown August 29, 2003
very popular in most styles of music which involve men wearing thier sisters pants screaming about thier ex girlfriends and period pains. a chugging action performed on guitar which only one arm is needed to perform, one armed retards, aswell as, normal retards, love this because, it's an excuse not to have a riff which takes time to write and practice to perfect, people who enjoy this usally start having fits and waving thier arms and legs around trying to be as gay as they can in the biggest amount of space possible.

drumming for a breakdown is just basically a drummer trying to hit every tom, cymbal, and the snare at the exact same time.
those wildmillers are playing breakdowns
by Unclesht July 18, 2010
A part of many Hard/Deathcore songs, that in many real metal fan's opinions, ruins the entire genre.
Deathcore kid: Waking the cadaver's entire album is like a breakdown!
Metalhead: That must be why it's so terrible!
by rhiehn June 17, 2010
1. part of a song, by a metal, metalcore or hardcore band, that everyone attends a concert or live performance too see as too its xBROOTALNESSX.

2. part of a song, by a metal, metalcore or hardcore band, which said band will, whilst playing live, try and mess with to make it "more awesome" and thus fall out of tune, out of time and out of pitch thus destroying the moment.

But we wont care cuz were busy kickin shit
"Man thats a sickass breakdown"

"Man they fucked up that breakdown good"

"Man i got kicked in the face in that breakdown"
by Rabbi Jew bro June 11, 2008
a part in a song of any genre where the music is played usually in slower time or tempo and is slower and more rhythmic and will usually repeat oa number of riffs. has nothing to do with guitars, vocals or any other instrument other than drums. all the bullshit you see about its being a "brutal part of a hxc/metal song where people hxc dance" is 100% bull shit. most breakdowns have no relativity to brutalness.
The breakdown at the end of "Streetcar" by Funeral for a Friend is a prime example of a breakdown.
by DanielDandy November 23, 2007
A hardcore guitar riff used in tight songs.
HXC KID: check out this brutal breakdown
iPOD: duh, duh-uh-duh duh
by qwertykiller October 05, 2005
The most amazing
part in
a hardcoremetalcoregrindcore
At shows the breakdown is the part where everyone hardcore dances.
some have double bass in them it goes like duh duhh duh duh duh double bass duh duhdhuduh duh duh.
some bands with amazing breakdowns are
Emmure,Parkway Drive,As blood runs black,Buried in the woods
by jesseisStraightEdge May 31, 2007

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