A part of a hardcore song where one note is played repeatedly in a chugging-like beat. Though it sounds pretty hardcore and brutal, it is a shame that almost all of them sound the same. Breakdowns also start the hardcore dance, where the crowd flails their arms around and kicks their legs around. Maybe trying to hit somebody, maybe not. Either way, it looks stupid.
Listen to A Day to Remember. Pretty much every breakdown is the same. It would be cooler if they played different breakdowns.
by zuawg April 08, 2009
the point in a song at which time (not tempo) slows down. it is usually associated with metal, hardcore, metalcore, and other sub-genres of metal and hardcore music. often the guitar during a breakdown is palm-muted and is played using breaks or rests to create a choppy, brutal sound. the guitar can also be played strummed or rung out and still be considered a breakdown. what makes the part of a song a breakdown is mostly determined by the speed of the drums and also somewhat the style in which the drummer plays in that speed.
(band name) - (song title): sparing no lives - painting the murder, lamb of god - pariah, terror - overcome, the red chord - antman, unearth - endless, animosity - 24 more, iniquity - desiderated profligacy. all of the songs above have good examples of breakdowns in my opinion. i strongly suggest the first song on the list.
by metalcorelover June 29, 2006
A form of rhythmic, percussion-heavy musical passage used commonly in the Hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore and Grindcore genres. They mostly consist of rhythmic guitar riffs in time with bass drum beats, often with the crash cymbal playing eighth strokes.

Primarily a live device, due to the heaviness achieved, they are often used to whip the crowd into a frenzy, and often incite frantic moshing/hardcore dancing.

Also a term for going batshit insane.
2:55 in Elysia's "Filthy" is probably the best example of a breakdown, that :47 passage is pretty much their reason for existing. Other awesome breakdowns include Carnifex's "Collaborating Like Killers" (1:25 for pretty much the rest of the four minute song) and Killwhitneydead's "Put A Sock In It" (1:40).

Also notable is Suicide Silence's No Pity For A Coward, which has two consecutive, yet obviously individual breakdowns.
by All_Of_Life_Decays January 01, 2008
Used in the DMV to tell someone to give the person saying it some of what the other person has. Normally said as a statement.
A: *walks in with fries w/mambo sauce*
B: Aye son where you get them fries?
A: Fu Kang up RI Ave.
B: For real? Break down!
by KayCee25 July 31, 2009
the best thing that ever happend to music since... the creation of music
Person #1: Dude, get ready, here it comes, I hope I don't get any teeth knocked out in this one.
Person #2: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...BREAKDOWN!
Person #1: (After the BREAKDOWN!) Dude, u totally gave me a welt on my left eye.
Person #2: Sorry dude, i get kinda gaytarded while moshing sometimes.
Person #1: Its okay...its a br00tal welt anyway, it totally makes me look soooo much cooler.
by Ms.Anthropy April 18, 2009
(n.) - a section in a piece of music where rhythmic emphasis is shifted causing the note value of the previously determined meter to be (typically) halved. used for contrast.
"The breakdown in the middle of that song is where most injuries occur during live shows..."
by bananax182 May 13, 2007
Extremely sexy style of guitar riff used in modern Hardcore music, usually very slow, very brutal, and very orgasmic. like my friend NGspot says, "There's beauty in the Breakdown"

Some bands with some sexy breakdowns?
Remembering Never, Symphony in Peril, Norma Jean, and One Must Fall.

There are many more, but i'm sure you can figure that out.
Commonly said whilst listening to said hardcore bands:

NGspot: Holy fuck, Call triple A!

Me: Why?

NGspot: There's about to be a BREAKDOWN! *turns up the volume*

*group orgasm*
by FallenZer0 July 09, 2005

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