disassemble into component parts using the most destructive means possible, usually a hammer. Can be physically, psychologically, psychically or both
I'm gonna break you down and throw you away
by austin the goat February 11, 2005
Shotgun. Because it is opened to load, it is known as a break-down.
Yo, Darnell got the trey-eight? Word, and Quan's loading the breakdown.
by Quan August 16, 2004
The chorus moment in any given trance song, following the bridge
Cosmic Gate, DJ Taka, ATB, Chicane...I love you all!!!
by Tony S. May 15, 2004
$40 of crack cocain that can be broken down into $20 packages
by Lehem October 18, 2003
A word used by people who think they know something about music. It is not a term used by musicians and it usually discredits the person that is using it. Usually just a guitar riff that brings out the rhythm in shitty (cliched) music.
Chico: This breakdown is cool!
Real Musician: You're fucking gay.
by Blocko July 27, 2005

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