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7 definitions by Ms.Anthropy

the best thing that ever happend to music since... the creation of music
Person #1: Dude, get ready, here it comes, I hope I don't get any teeth knocked out in this one.
Person #2: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...BREAKDOWN!
Person #1: (After the BREAKDOWN!) Dude, u totally gave me a welt on my left eye.
Person #2: Sorry dude, i get kinda gaytarded while moshing sometimes.
Person #1: Its okay...its a br00tal welt anyway, it totally makes me look soooo much cooler.
by Ms.Anthropy April 18, 2009
31 12
1. state and/or quality of being br00tal
2. state and/or quality of being extremely awesome
Person #1: Dude, that breakdown was extreme.
Person #2: I know, its br00tality is immaculate.
by Ms.Anthropy April 18, 2009
26 15
refers to the state and/or quality of being spontaneous
Person #1: Dude, ur so funny. Ur such a free bird. U say the most un-offensive, obviously sarcastic, darnest things.

Person #2: Yeah, i know. My caliber of randomicity is quite impeccable.
by Ms.Anthropy April 18, 2009
19 8
1. the state of mind, body, and/or soul when someone is moshing
2. moshing while in a trance-like or possessed-like state
Person #1: So what did you do this weekend?
Person #2: I got gaytarded to some good ol' deathcore.
by Ms.Anthropy April 16, 2009
22 13
Laugh My Ass Off In Silence
Person #1: more sagat brokenness. seriously. whats the point capcom? whats the freaking point. (regarding Street Fighter 4)

Person #2: lmaois
by Ms.Anthropy May 16, 2009
5 3
Also known as a Q.P or a Quad-P
Quadruple P = Pretentious, pious, pompous person

Right about all haters are Quad-Ps. They generally are condescending and/or non-tolerant to the beliefs and interests of others.
Person #1: Deathcore is for posers. Anyone who listens to that is a loser.
Person #2: You just don't understand it.
Person #1: Cuz im not a retard like u.
Person #2: Ur such a Quad.

by Ms.Anthropy April 16, 2009
20 20
Something that is funny in a corny way and/or vice versa
Person #1: Man, those naked gun movies sure are forny.
Person #2: Yeah, tell me about it.
by Ms.Anthropy April 19, 2009
18 28