to share with someone else, usually smokes.
break bread homee, and pass the light
by jdub December 13, 2002
When u are running on foot from someone or something and hittin corners
ohh snap! we are getting shoot at! BREAK BREAD!!
by MAC510BAYAREA August 03, 2009
To eat; the act of eating
Be respectful; we have to pray before we break bread.
by T.I March 04, 2005
break bread, broke bread, breaking bread To show a penis to the opposite sex for the first time to consumate the first sexual encounter
Paulo is going to break bread with that ho he met last night!
by Big Bearito May 22, 2008
To share stolen goods amongst your posse.
We break bread after last nights wilding.
by ben newton January 01, 2007
Cut large amount of crack cocaine into smaller amounts to sell.
I just copped a ball now I gotta go break bread so I can hit the block.
by belle30papillon April 11, 2007
The Word Break Bread Means to Go Make Money, not pass along women.
"Gotta go Break Bread"
by Brian October 31, 2004

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