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is a put down and u say it to someone who does something shady,grimey,and gets over on a deal, etc anything wrong
like as if u were going to grab a slice of pizza and someone knows that u want it and grabs it before u do and still eats it.example: U took the pizza when i was gonna grab it u finky bitch! and etc. as in like if someone were to rat someone out then ud call them finky.example: u ratted him out!? aww ur finky! and etc. jus basiclly anything in those types of nature
by MAC510BAYAREA August 03, 2009
getting away or running
ohh hes comin!! get SWINDY!!
by MAC510BAYAREA August 03, 2009
When u are running on foot from someone or something and hittin corners
ohh snap! we are getting shoot at! BREAK BREAD!!
by MAC510BAYAREA August 03, 2009
when someone drifts around a corner perfectly and/or if someone does something cool
AWW! u see him hit that jump? he was GETTING WET!!
by MAC510BAYAREA August 03, 2009

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