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a highly attractive person. excels in sports involving boards(snowboarding, longboarding, skimming, ect)super steezy, extremly possitive, and taste like sugar.
Girl1: oh my god that boy is so fine!

Girl2: oh he's a brek for sure
by 123213465 May 22, 2009
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I really like that guy he's brek!
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by rosie$$$ February 07, 2017
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adj. A term used to describe a severely unattractive person. Someone who is offensive to the eye.

derived from broke/bruk/butters.
"that girl is so brek she didn't get hit with the ugly stick, the whole forest pulverized her face! Bushes, soil, undergrowth; You name it, it beat her until she resembled a micro-waved puddle of vomit!"
by BaseBlitz February 25, 2009
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Something that was so unpleasant that you would never want to re experience it again.
Person 1: 'Can I have some of your water mate?'

Person 2: 'sure thing'

Person 3: 'No don't drink that! It's absolute brek!!'
by Henpot September 07, 2016
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Tiny penis ass hole that likes to touch little boys
Hide your kids. Here comes brek
by Zakinator135 April 19, 2017
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