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From the spanish word "hombre" for "man", "bre" is used as a replacement for man, dude, guy, bro, etc.
Hey, how's it going bre?
by nf515738 April 30, 2005
A beautiful, strong-willed, and amazing girl. Makes you want to explode with sexuality. She is an amazing lover, in and out of bed; she especially loves top. She is willing to do anything for the person that she loves, so make sure you grab your own Bre. Warning: May or may not look like a chipmunk.
Bre makes me glad that I found her before she found somebody else.
by WittleWolfman June 05, 2011
bres is a word like bro, friend, homie
stands for:




a true bres is like a best friend.
"aye yo, youz my bres, you so crunk"
by chelseaisrawesome June 03, 2009
A slang term which derives from the old tukish language (ottoman turkish), which was used amongst men and not women. It was mostly used amongst close people before or after a word also to add emphasis.Its pronounced how it's spelled but one must roll the letter 'r' like in the italian word 'perfavorre'. Also it is equivalent to the mate , buddy or bro in english. The modern version is 'be' used by both genders in modern day Anatolia.
1-Nerdesin bre? (Where are you mate)
2-burdayım aga! (I'm here bro)
by noxchi December 30, 2013
the Bureau of Real Estate(BRE)
Effective July 1, 2013, the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) became the Bureau of Real Estate(BRE) under the umbrella of the Department of Consumer Affairs(DCA). Last year, Governor Jerry Brown introduced a wide-ranging government reorganization plan in order to improve efficiencies within state government. The core functions of the BRE will remain the same. DCA will assume administrative and fiscal responsibilities for the BRE, eliminating some of the duplicate services under the current structure.
My Real Estate License # is = My BRE License # is: 01234567
by RishAqua October 12, 2013
The serbian form of "yo"

PRONOUNCED HOW SPELLED: "bre" u roll the "r" an say it in a slight accent.
ayyyy bre stop that ! its annoying
by MalaaSerbian May 25, 2009
1. cool last name taken by me
2. breast
1. Mr. Bres, you're last name is very rare and unique!
2. omg you have breasts rofl!
by bresdude December 13, 2004