A bizare female who "lives to give"
"thank you bre! That was a great hug."
by sinn fien April 24, 2004
1. To cause unnecessary bawing or drama
2. To type like you have broken fingers.
3. To type like you have no grasp of basic spelling.
4. To post more than two journals/blogs in the same day.
5. To Rick-roll one's friends in one or more superfluous journal/blog entries.
6. To over dramatize the smallest problem.
"Why does Lizzie always have to cause so much Bre?"

"Ugh! I hate looking at all of Jack's journals! He's such a Bre!"
by The Anti-Bawer January 31, 2009
A Person.
Dumb Bre
Sick Bre
Dat bre jaxed my wallet
by kX April 26, 2004
a word used to call someone by; a advanced form of the term bro. Bre is usually used in everyday convo.
Yo bre, tego calderon oye, yo bre that shit was off the hook, bre wait wait call darrin

Usually a petite girl who is somewhat slutty, but they have evolved into overly large, whorish females that annoy everyone other than their boyfriends, and people who like to fit in.
Matt: "Look at that Bre over there."
Justin: "Damn, she is fucking huge. She is so unnecessarily tall."
Matt: "Yeah, she is a slut too."
Justin: ". . . fuck that bitch.
by FuckThatBitchBre October 21, 2008
A beastoid part of the androgynous family. Depends on others for monetary support, transportation, as well as housing. Very dishonest, annoying, and untrustworthy. A bre's sexual orientation is generally unknown; promiscuous behaviour can be noticeable towards both genders. Hygene is generally unkept. Most bres lack direction in life, if they even serve a purpose at all.
Is George coming tonight? "No, he's hanging out with that bre again tonight." Why does he keep wasting his time? "I don't know, I've met a few bres before, the couple he hangs out with are by far the worst."
by kakapoopoopeepeeshire January 05, 2006
is when a girl has crusties all over her face. she gives a boy a blow job and her crusties get all over the boys penis. the boy cannot get the crusties off.
"bre, you got yer crusties on my penis, and i cannot get them off."
by Tyler Bradly January 29, 2008

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