A sexy man who cares about everyone he is outgoing a very good listener has blue eyes and brown hair
Brayden is so nice
by me is me so I'm me October 26, 2014
The name for a lesbian sex position in which one woman sits on the other's leg and bounces up and down.
"Hey, you want to Brayden later?"

"You are really good at Brayden"
by fhjkhkahklda September 13, 2011
Braydens break the bro-code every chance they get
"Hey i'm kind of interested in this girl"

"Brayden is now friends with ......"

Also see facebook creep
by BroCode October 27, 2010
Can also be known as Killer W is:
1. 9 out of 10 times right when regarding TV shows.
2. So tall and lanky that you cant see him when he stands sideways.
3. Absolutely hilarious that all the guys are jealous.
4. A total spunk rat that he is attractive to every chick in the room and at least two men.
5. Coolest guy ever, everyone strives to be like him.
Claire: "Check out that guys body"
Brayden: "Yeah, its a Brayden body eh"
by fishbowl93 March 20, 2009
Usually a bearded figure with glasses. He is smart yet is often referred to as the lumberjack man. He wears furry shoes that repel water.
Brayden's furry shoes combined with his lumberjack powers scared away the bear.
by DaYahoo July 14, 2015
A bitch, usually a name given to someone who will go no where in life, or take a meaningless job as someone's assistant. (Secretary, Physicians Assistant, Etc) A Brayden is usually not the brightest bulb in the Christmas Tree, and is often described as a "klutz". Brayden's are very accident prone, and complain about very light injurys, and sometimes take months off work for a headache. Brayden's often die alone, and are too ugly to be loved by anyone.
Jim: "Can you please hire me an assistant to do the meaningless work? Preferably a bitch"
Carl: "someone named Brayden applied"
Jim: "Perfect!"
by Jay crazle May 13, 2016
The guy you think is straight but is actually gay. Usally wears bright colors or regularly shops at hollister. He has multiple female connections but deep inside wants the guy that sits next to him in algebra. They usually are very loud and try to partake in straight events. They also like to Spread rumors like their gay nature. Most likely will suck you dick for money.
Girl 1: Woah look at that guy over there.
Girl 2: Are those teal sweatpants?
Girl 1: Yeah I bet he's a Brayden
by Swagyoloswag February 24, 2015
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