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To be in an unsober state of mind, and walk aimlessly looking to interact with any and every person in sight. To lose track of the friends you were originally with and find new ones.
"we've had a few beers tonight, have you seen skyler? nope not for a while, hes out larking, probably wont show up for a while, if ever."
by johnono September 18, 2011
larking is the creepy walk you do when you scout around for people to rape.

originated in a Crotian Mini-Market
1: What is Grant doing over there in that children's playgound?
2: He's just larking.
1: Oh so that's why he asked to borrow my white van...
by mcmuffin812 July 21, 2014
To do a Larking is to wander around aimlessly in your workplace, chatting to anyone who will listen to you in order to avoid your duties in your workplace as much as possible.
"Have you seen Patty around?" "Nah he's at the Dog's desk doing a Larking"
by DVC Queen 69 June 11, 2009
V. the act of being of Irish heritage while taking in huge amounts of alcohol and still being able to act like a functional member of society
That Irishman goes larking just about every night
by Lark-night February 08, 2010
live.action.role playing. video game fanatics dress up and hit each other with their weapons while shouting the amount of points he/she/it inflicted until they run out of points.
Hey snyperangel12 me and the frostyelfhunt3r are thinking about getting everyone together and enjoy a good larking.
by Kachun Wong December 13, 2007

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