Something the Japanese do to American Children using cartoons, toys, music and other forms of entertainment.

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Cartoon network


by BotyBooty November 19, 2004
Top Definition
The purpose of churches
Let's take our son to church so he can be programmed with the same mythological bullshit we were programmed with! This will protect him from brainwashing by the schools with their "facts".
by Olorin42 October 14, 2008
What atheists accuse Christianity of doing even though they're the ones going around attempting to teach the Christ-myth theory as factual (when it's been debunked) and bullying and censoring any who speak against their crap.
Jimmy the atheist was brainwashed into thinking that religion had caused all the world's problems and is based on brainwashing. Jimmy was an idiot. All the world's problems will still exists regardless of religion.
by dsidf1 February 09, 2014
something tehCIA did to people turning them all into hippie arseholes and now all of the hippie arseholes are doing to the rest of us
the goal being satanism.....
by o)O picasso January 08, 2005

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