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What an ignorant person thinks the word "phobias" reads as.
"Did 'Len Bias' have a brother named 'Pho?' "

I don't think so .. why do you ask?

There's something in the newspaper about 'Pho Bias."

Let me see ... (reads paper) ... that's "phobias" you idiot! It means to be afraid of something.
by mike49677 November 22, 2013
Famous tumblr blogger. He goes by the name of Jono and he has the best blog ever. You can also follow him on Instagram @jono_mannes !! He has a great face and a great sense of humor.
- do you follow phobias on tumblr?
- of course I do! Who doesn't?? I also follow him on IG. He's hella cute and hella rad.
- I know omg
by Eat pizza June 17, 2014
Extremely exaggerated and irrational fears of things. Arachniphobia is an extreme and irrational fear of spiders. Someone suffering from this will either run terrified from the sight of it or possibly pass out and faint from pure fear.
I am extremely happy that I do not have ANY phobias. You should be too, unless you do have one, then your just an irrational pussy. Get over it.
by Jamie 'Casper' Spaulding April 27, 2008
A very amazing and popular blog on tumblr. The blogger's name is Jono, male, 6"6, Most likely has a big dick yay. I mean, everybody should be following him, if you aren't , i now have a phobia of you (hehe)
Follow him now because hes gorgeous and deserves your fucking follow. Dont have tumblr?
Make one and follow him. Ill give you 20$ bucks.
"Hey george, are you following phobias on tumblr?"

"Yes i am! He super cool and id give him a blow job! No homo tho!"

"What about you curtis?"

"What the fuck no who is that"

by Hadnts June 17, 2014

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