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To trim branches or twigs off a tree or plant
Swing Ricky, swing! your a monkey and your pruning the tree! Your a monkey pruning!
by Chris Graham January 29, 2004
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When someone spends too much time in a shower, bath or swimming pool and ends up with soft, wrinkled skin. This then leads to the person looking like a Prune, hence the term.
Person 1: Man, that was a well deserved bath!

Person 2: I can tell - you're Pruning all over!
by Grbel08 August 12, 2011
To pout ones lip in a photo by saying "prune juice". Made popular by the Olsen Twins.
She's pruning in that picture.
by Miss Kitty Kat January 24, 2011
Fapping, or more commonly used as have sex in a bathtub
Me and my ex are pruning tonight, so I can't come to your party.
by StarGoat December 15, 2014
to seek out old men who have balls so old that they look like prunes
she's going out pruning tonight
by poopyhead November 12, 2003

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