1. To make someone visualise something they don't want to - usually disgusting stuff.

2. To get something out of someone's head by intimidation or force.
1. A - Hey my mum and dad were half naked and making out.
B - Eww that's gross - stop brain raping me!

2. I was at a meeting with some clients - they couldn't stop brain raping me for ideas!
by W_DRagon May 04, 2005
Top Definition
Forced extreme mental exertion, to the point of feeling naked and violated
"Yo how'd that Physics GRE go?"
"Fuck I got brain raped"
#brain #rape #mental #brain fuck #forced entry
by G-monie November 26, 2006
To forcefully advise (against their will) a persons or persons. Information to which they would be unwilling to listen to under normal circumstances.
An alternative to Too Much Infomation:

Oh my god, brainrape.

Stop brainraping me dude.

by FuzzBOT September 01, 2005
Gleaning someone for information.

Obtaining much information from one person.
"I totally brainraped Amber for the French homework!!"
#gleaning #brainrape #homework #information #info
by Captain O. March 15, 2010
to abuse psychologically, fuck with someone's head, to manipulate, play with, or otherwise mess with an other's mind, especially to gain sexual advantage or emotional dependency.
a: "how long are you going to stay with that loser? He treats you like shit."

b: "aw, it's my fault, i deserve it, and i love him"

a: "you're getting brain raped"
#mind fuck #doing your head in #rape #brain #brain fuck
by p. coyote August 05, 2009
Daily events that are so extreme, it feels like they are raping your brain.
I can only take so much of hearing about Nicole's sex life and drama before it feels like she is committing Brain Rape! I need to go to dailybrainrape.blogspot.com...it always makes me feel better to know my head isn't the only violated one...
#brain #rape #daily #skull #fuck #head
by omgpopples April 08, 2011
Brain raped or brain raping: When you're woman is watching a dumb ass show and you can't seem to get up. Or if you get yourself stuck in a conversation with a couple of retards. It sucks you in. You can feel the brain cells diminishing but you can't do a thing about it. You're almost I a trance or a hypnotic state.
Mary: hey the WB has their season premiere on tonight! And look Gossip Girl is on...
John: this is so gay (but I can't get out of my seat to leave)

Joe: how can people sit and watch the Jersey Shore and then complain that it's stupid?
Ben: dude! It's cause most are women and women love brain raping television...

Office douchebag: Oooh I'm so awesome. How was your weekend; guess what I did? Blah blah blah...
Ben: fuck, I'm gettin brain raped, again.
#brainrape #brain raped #brain raping #hypnotized #trance #hypnotic state
by mcdixhurts February 01, 2011
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