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1. To make someone visualise something they don't want to - usually disgusting stuff.

2. To get something out of someone's head by intimidation or force.
1. A - Hey my mum and dad were half naked and making out.
B - Eww that's gross - stop brain raping me!

2. I was at a meeting with some clients - they couldn't stop brain raping me for ideas!
by W_DRagon May 04, 2005
A cantonese phrase that literally means 'poke at your lungs'. English equivalent can be piss off, fuck off, fuck, shit, shut up, etc. Also abbreviated to Ding.
Hongkie A: Hey your mother is fat.
Hongkie B: Ding lei gor fay! So is your dad!

Hongkie Boyfriend to late girlfriend: Ding lei gor fay, how many times do I have to tell you to be ready when I come over.
by W_DRagon May 05, 2005
A Cantonese insult meaning to 'eat shit'.
Chinese Triad: Sik See la just before he throws a chair at his enemy

Convicted Criminal yelling at his prosecuters: Hui sik see la (go and eat shit) sik see gau (you shit eating dog).
by W_DRagon May 05, 2005
A Cantonese word meaning to masturbate. Literally means to 'fly a plane' or to have an 'air battle' - most probably in relation to plane games which used a joystick.
Dad: Son, your mother told me to tell you not to Dar Fei Gay too much as it'll stunt your growth!
by W_DRagon May 05, 2005
Cantonese slang for the direct English translation of 'Mother Board'. Proper Cantonese term is Dai Barn (meaning bottom board or lower board). Lo Mo means mother but is a rude way to say it and can be interpreted as swearing.
Chinese Geek: Wei look at my new Lo Mo Barn!
by W_DRagon May 05, 2005
Substitute for Fuck.
Man that movie was fandangoed.
Did you see that car accident - the driver looked pretty fandangoed.
by W_DRagon May 05, 2005
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