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Her name means "pure", and there are no words more fitting.
Nakia is a truly amazing person.
by esotericAbattoir May 24, 2014
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A very pretty girl. Talented in many ways. Usually easily angered. Very loving. Hilarious laugh. Usually quiet. A great girlfriend. Loves to eat .One of the most honest you'll meet. Loves to Dance.
Nakia is awesome to talk to!
by Jasmine007 December 20, 2016
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Really tall girl who's HAWT. She's most likely going to be a model. She is HILARIOUS & has the funniest laugh ever (in a good way.) She's an awesome friend. Easily angered and distracted. She's pretty and really gullible but definitely not retarded. Obsessed with guys, balls, and erections.
Guy 1: That girl is definitely a Nakia.

Guy 2: I know; my balls are hard now.
by xxmenxx August 10, 2009
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Nakia is a really loyal, pretty ,mean girl who hates almost everybody and doesn't care. She likes money, sneakers and long walks to the bank. Don't cross NaKia she will run you over with her car. She has every thing except edges.
You see that girl in handcuffs for killing her boyfriend? She's a NaKia
by TheBlackHero December 21, 2016
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