This verb, coined by the Hall of Fame football player Terry Bradshaw, describes the following 12 step process:

1) Find a slutty woman.
2) Get wasted.
3) Find an audience.
4) Rent a hotel room.
5) Invite the audience and the slutty woman to the hotel room.
6) Ask the slut to have sex with you in front of the audience.
7) Make the slutty woman sign legal waivers before proceeding.
8) Strip the slutty woman.
8) Lube up the slut's ass & watch her get horny.
9) Pull out your boner.
10) Drive your boner up her ass in one fell swoop.
11) Pull your boner out and slap her ass.
12) Walk toward the door and say, "You just got Bradshawed!"
Kyle debated giving Kim a Dirty Sanchez or perhaps a Donkey Punch, but Bradshawed her instead. Kim's ass really felt reamed after she got Bradshawed.
by J-Haug July 11, 2006
Top Definition
To horde office supplies for your pleasure or amusement since you are tightwadded, dust farting, old goat.
Do we have any more paperclips? No, someone bradshawed all of them.
by MphRebel June 10, 2008
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