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2 definitions by Earthlinga

Used to describe a smooth, mesmirizing, nonchalantly sexy personality. These fortunate beings have a way that knows how to carress your soul. Most don't seem to notice their extreme sex appeal, or either they just do not care. Their presence is of mystery.
"Ellie! I just shit myself!"
"That bradshaw just loosened me up with his profound nature and velvet voice. We gotta go!!"
by Earthlinga August 08, 2006
250 111
Used to describe a person, usually female, who is so vain they truly believe their own garbage to be made of gold (and smell of roses).
"Damn Emmy, why do the guys always believe the shit princess, she's truly hideous."
"I don't know, maybe they went to the Academy together."
by Earthlinga August 11, 2006
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