Two handguns, carried on one's person.
One Glock is OK, but it's smarter to carry a brace.
by needsfishauce December 23, 2010
Hell in your mouth, but makes your teeth straight.
Ugh, my braces really hurt!
Braces stink, but they are so worth the pain.
by The One Who Knows The Truth July 01, 2014
The metal shits that live in your mouth for 2-5 years, they are just torture to children.
Grant: " I thought I wanted braces so bad, but bro they suck ass!"
Spencer: "Yeah, ikr, they are too sore too even eat."
by FSUHater3 September 30, 2015
1. noun, refering to someone's car stereo and/or speakers. The magnitude of the speakers can be identified as true brace.

2. noun, something that is felt or heard, usually with some sort of impact.
Hey, pop that trunk let me see your brace.
Paul went the cheap route and ended up with some ghetto brace.
You hear that brace?
by Maurice Cheeks February 28, 2005
A rich person who claims to be poor. Normally skanks drinks off others and claims to be skint all the time.
Argh man im really skint and cant go out.
by Nick March 22, 2004
Save Brace - when someone puts a coin into your pint, usually copper, forcing you down it in order to save Brace from drowning.
Save brace!
by Mr X March 23, 2004
Designed to make hot girls look ugly for as long as they wear them.
omg, if it wherent for those braces..............
by Ivan Martinez Autin April 26, 2006
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